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Running a franchise business is as challenging as it is rewarding. Competition is tough, you work day and night, you need to get sales, find good people, improve the way you do things, and keep the boss happy. It`s a non-stop juggling act!

Who can do all of this and grow their business?

That`s why we started Gazingle... and where the magic begins.

Exceptional Customer Service

We offer 24/7 unlimited support to our customers.

Cloud based

Get a real-time view of your customer info and how your business is tracking, anytime, anywhere.

Gazingle App

Gazingle app simplifies your day.

Beautiful user experience

Because Gazingle is built for you and your team, it will alleviate your stress, not cause it!

External System Integration

Gazingle integrates with pretty much any system out there, making your life a lot easier.

Live Reports

Quickly access all reports to make sure your business is heading in the right direction.

Reminders and Scheduling

Stay on top of your requirements, and never miss another meeting.

Magic Search

Locate exactly what you are after in matter of seconds with very little information from you required.

Gazingle Route Mapper

Gazingle Route Mapper will provide you with the quickest route for your day.

Message Board

Post messages on the central message board so that all of your team can stay up to date.

Gazingle Activity History

Don`t rely on your memory to trace your steps back - we have taken care of that for you with Gazingle Activity History.

Gazingle dual-access

Share your Gazingle access with anyone you like to get the extra coverage you may need.

Marketing & Reporting

Gazingle email marketing tool generates business while the marketing reports show where the leads are coming from.

Estimates & Invoices

Managing your money collection can be a headache. Gazingle creates your invoices and estimates and sends them out for you!

Business Card & Barcode Scanner

Scan your customers or suppliers business cards and inventory barcodes on-the-go with the business card smartphone scanner.

Daily to-do list

See what`s on for the day and what you need to get done as soon as you log in.

Equipment and Inventory Tracker

Keep track and be reminded of where all of your equipment and inventory is and when it needs to be cleaned or serviced.

Sharing information

Sending your 3rd parties the information they require on one page is easy with Gazingle.

Vendor List

Keep track of your important vendor relationships.


Maximize your opportunities by processing every lead through a smooth dispatch system.

The Gazingle team are more like colleagues and partners rather than suppliers. They really got to know me and the way I run my business so they could build the perfect platform for my business. Celeste, Franchise Owner, New York.