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We get your world.

You’re overwhelmed, and it feels like every day is a battle. You need to get control of your business back – now.

Make informed decisions and grow.

Gazingle was created to help small businesses like you take back control and grow.

Gazingle - the complete toolkit.

From automating business processes and tracking leads, to preparing estimates and managing your team. Gazingle makes running your business so much simpler.

We know all this because once upon a time,
we were a small business too.

It is amazing how much Gazingle understood my business and adapted the platform to suit my needs – not the other way around. Richard, Franchisee, New York.

Powerful dashboard

See your whole business at-a-glance. Highlight your priorities and next steps for the team.

Leads tracker

Don’t miss a single business opportunity – even if you’re on the road.

Turn leads into sales quicker

Increase sales by making it easier to follow up leads – set reminders and schedules so you never miss a follow up.

Simple information sharing

Share information with staff, customers or franchisees quickly and easily on single page.

Easy job management

Keep on top of your jobs – we make it simple to add, schedule, and automatically track jobs from ‘go to whoa’.

Customer tracking

Track customer data easily from your mobile phone, from contact details to estimates, jobs and invoice history.

At-a-glance calendar

Stay on top of your day with the daily to do list – make light work of your schedule from meetings, calls, emails, inventory and collections.

Integrated maps for jobs

Stop losing time with backtracking - get the quickest route for each job and customer.

Prevent equipment losses

Scan and track equipment and inventory. Set reminders for proactive cleaning and maintenance.

Manage suppliers

Keep up-to-date with your supplier relationships.

Make your marketing dollars count

Find out which marketing activities are paying off by tracking where your best leads come from.

Invoicing made easy

Collecting payments has never been faster – send invoices and collect payments online.

Take a load off your mind

Don’t rely on memory – view all activities, jobs, leads and sales at a glance and see where the gaps are.

Simple reports for better business oversight

Use our reports to see how your business is tracking. Make the right decisions at the right time, backed by your own data.

Use any software

Prevent mistakes by ditching data entry double-ups. Gazingle talks to other apps – no sweat.

Got an idea for a new feature? We’re listening

If you need a new feature that makes life easier for you and other businesses, we’ll make it happen.

Never miss a beat!

Checkout how your sales are tracking, all customer information and where you team is located anytime, anywhere from your Smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Imagine if you could say goodbye to boring admin?

Now you can!
Gazingle does the grunt work for you so you can focus on building and growing your business.

It's about creating less work for you (not more)

Gazingle is so easy to use, which will get everyone in your team using it and your business back on track straight away.

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