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Our Story

We started Gazingle to provide a solution for businesses that was much more than a typical CRM system. Our aim was to help all levels of business owners and professionals to be more organized, efficient, successful and above all, transform the way that they do business.

Founded in 2015, Gazingle is all about the customers we serve and we are proud to be helping thousands of these worldwide.

At Gazingle, we’re inspired by the hard work, the sweat, the failures and - most of all - the excitement and fun of transforming businesses.

The Leadership Team behind the Magic


Founder & MGIC
(Mentor of Greatness In Chief)

Martin is a very successful business and family man, who among many things turned a little manufacturing business into a multi-million dollar global company with a big (and totally great) sales team.


Founder & CGO
(Chief Greatness Officer)

Idan has the best 'coming to America' story ever. From a beat up Volvo and $3,500, he and his partner created a $27 million-dollar franchise restoration company (and growing).


(Greatness Generating Officer)

The one in charge!
With extensive management and development skills he`s the one making sure Gazingle is the best system out there.

Having access to my business and customer information from my mobile has saved me so much time and stress. Steph, Sales Consultant, Long Beach.