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Here at Gazingle we have identified the key traits of "top gun" sales professionals and built a sales system around them. It is the difference between where you are today and unlocking your true sales potential.

Gazingle is a game changer for the sales industry. It's the first system that combines all the tools you need for a successful sale.

  • My Coach

    Even superstars need a good coach.

    From time to time we all need reminders and tips about the most effective sales process, sales pitch or how to overcome a sales objection. Gazingle will tell you what to say and when to say it, when to phone, when to email, and when and how to close.
  • My Networker

    Do you hate cold calling?

    Of course you do and you're not alone! Selling is so much easier when you have a good referral because a basis for trust is pre-established. Gazingle will replace those cold calls with warm leads achieved through networking and referral selling.
  • My Lead Generator

    CRMs are dead, long live Gazingle!

    There's a fundamental problem with traditional CRM systems - they don't come with any customers. Essentially they're just 'empty boxes' reliant on you to fill them with sales leads. You end up spending most of your time entering data, leaving you minimal time to do what your actually paid for - SELLING!
  • My Goal Setter

    Do you find it hard to remain self disciplined and focussed?

    Gazingle not only allows you to set these objectives but also incorporates an inbuilt measurement tool that highlights your activity levels against your set targets, and prompts you on any additional steps you need to take.
  • My Motivator

    Let's face it, sales is a tough business.

    No one enjoys the constant toil of pitching and dealing with sales objections. Selling can lead you to drinking and despair! Even the most determined and enthusiastic seller could do with the occasional pick-me-up or light hearted distraction.
  • My Personal Assistant

    Do you know the feeling of chaos?

    Lose notes everywhere, appointment times written on the back of your hand, reminders stuck on your monitor. If this all sounds familiar, Gazingle's inbuilt calendar will be a godsend.
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